About LEVEL5 ID Points and Status

When you link your LEVEL5 ID account with supported titles, you will be able to share your LEVEL5 ID Points (or Status), which are granted based on in-game purchases. You will earn rewards in each game based on your Status.

Status is a rank based on the number of LEVEL5 ID points of an account. LEVEL5 ID points are determined by in-game items in supported titles, or by the cost of paid apps.

After linking supported titles to your account, you can check the points you have been awarded by logging into the LEVEL5 ID website.

Your status is shared throughout the games you have linked with, so when you rank up, you will earn rewards in each supported title. If the title is a "paid "game, you will earn points relative to the cost of the game after you have completed the link.

About LEVEL5 ID Points for Items Purchased In-Game

*Apps differ based on country and region.

LAYTON'S MYSTERY JOURNEY: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy

When you link this title, you will be awarded 1,900 Points as the purchase price of the app.

●Purchaseable Items

Purchaseable Items LEVEL5 ID Points Awarded
Dating Dress & Puzzle 240 Points
Equestrian Ensemble & Puzzle 240 Points
Cardinal Cape Coat & Puzzle 240 Points
Monotone Minidress & Puzzle 240 Points
Retro Refit & Puzzle 240 Points
Sky-blue Statement & Puzzle 240 Points
Pleated Pleaser & Puzzle 240 Points
Denim Daily & Puzzle 240 Points
Imperial Elegance & Puzzle 240 Points
Picnic Blanket Wrap & Puzzle 240 Points
Daddy's Girl & Puzzle 240 Points
Luke Lookalike & Puzzle 240 Points
Emmy Impersonation & Puzzle 240 Points
Anton-ish Attire & Puzzle 240 Points
Aurora Again & Puzzle 240 Points
Kat's Clobber & Puzzles Set 1800 Points
Kat's Cosplay & Puzzles Set 960 Points
  • *Points awarded may change due to price changes, etc.

About LEVEL5 ID Points and Status

Status Ranks and Required Point Levels

Status Ranks Necessary
LEVEL5 ID Points
Economy 0 Points
Silver I 100 Points
Silver II 1,000 Points
Silver III 3,000 Points
Gold I 6,000 Points
Gold II 10,000 Points
Gold III 15,000 Points
Platinum I 20,000 Points
Platinum II 30,000 Points
Platinum III 45,000 Points
Black I 60,000 Points
Black II 80,000 Points
Black III 100,000 Points
・・・ ・・・
  • *There are ranks above Black III

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