About Saved Data

You can share your saved data over a number of devices by linking with your LEVEL5 ID.

You can install an app onto several devices, and link with your LEVEL5 ID to use the same saved data amongst devices.

You will be able to upload and download your saved data after you link your LEVEL5 ID. When you change devices, you will be able to upload your saved data from your old device, and download it onto your new device.

  • *If you wish to play from different saved data on different devices, please do not link using the same LEVEL5 ID.
  • *When moving accounts from iOS to Android (or Android to iOS) you will not keep items purchased in-game. They will be shared if they are of the same OS.
    Your LEVEL5 ID points are not separated by OS, and will carry over to any device you link with.

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